Sunday, March 20, 2011

When it rains, it pours.

I was going to put up the pictures from the alpaca show today, but we are having a weather event here in Southern California. RAIN.

We are under a sever thunderstorm watch. Possable damaging wind gust up to 60 mph. Kathy just came home and told us there are some trees down.

The rain has been falling constantly since around 4 this morning. We have been hearing emergency vehicle sirens all day.

 The back yard is starting to fill up.

 Mike put this bucket under the down spout to keep the force of the water from digging a hole in the ground. The mud clogs the drains that run from the back yard to the street.

The rain is coming down so fast  the drains can not keep up, and some of the drains are clogged.
Here is Mike checking the drainage in the koi pond and clearing leaves from the drains around the patio.

 The finches and sparrows were tag teaming the feeder. They fly out and eat a little, then fly up under the patio cover, dry off and warm up, then out to the feeder again.

I am not entirely sure the duck even likes this weather.

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