Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Reflecting on eating crow.

On my walk this morning, I was thinking, reflecting, on the phrase, eating crow. Why? Because I have to eat crow in regard to my mixed media class. I just finished project number 3 (more about that at the end of this post) and I am in the planning process for project number 4. The class is everything I was hoping for. I am glad I took my own advise and had patience!

So as I was reflecting as I was walking, I decided to take pictures of reflections.

Trees and sky reflecting in the creek.

The phrase eating crow comes from way back I learned on Ye Old Internet. It was seen as distasteful, no shock there, but what I was unaware of is that crow is one of the birds listed in Leviticus as unfit to eat.

Oak Tree, on the rocks.

In a way, the eating crow phrase is sort of a synonym . Eating crow is distasteful, as is eating your words when you are mistaken.

I was mistaken. I was in a dither at the thought of making a personal shrine in my mixed media class. I promised you all I would keep an open mind and give it a go, as my professor from England used to say.

Here is what I made. A tribute really, to my mom and grandmother.Preparing for this project caused more reflection as i sorted  through photos and memorabilia. Both my mom and granny loved to garden and working in the yard. They both canned and froze their produce, brought flowers into the house and taught me to love the outdoors. They were my compass.

Turned out pretty good I think! Crow doesn't taste too bad if you add a lot of salt and pepper!


  1. Awesome photos! Awesome project! Awesome blog post! You’re pretty good at this bogging stuff!

  2. Really Sherry? Thanks! I just sort of fumble around and put stuff up... thanks for letting me know what you think!