Friday, March 4, 2011

Rabbit toddler-hood lesson #2 : Learning to Share.

Sitting in one bowl of food and eating out of the second is not sharing. Mom came along and sort of nosed this little guy out of the bowl. Usually mom will not move the babies away from the food. She sits back and waits until they are done eating, then she will eat, so I wondered what was up. She didn't eat, she moved out of the way so the more timid of the three could get some food. The little guy still didn't seem interested , so I went and got some hay for him and he dug right in.
Azula is such a good Mom.


  1. this litter is really friendly, just like their mom. I have to make sure they don't fall out the door when I open it. they let me pet them no problem, they don't think I am some raptor after am wonder...are the not that bright??? :)