Sunday, March 13, 2011

Mike in Wonderland, the corner grocery store.

It's not like he has never set foot in a grocery store. It's just that he is a task oriented fellow. If I ask him to pick up something from the store on his way home, such as milk, he enters the store, heads to the dairy department, procures the target, milk, heads to the front of the store to the checkout stands to finish the transaction and then exits the building.

Today we stopped by the store to pick up one item. Of course, I thought of a few more things while we were in the store so this caused us to wounder down the "seasonal" isle, which is full of Easter items. Mike came to a dead stop in front of the 6 foot high x4 foot wide display of...peeps.

"Oh my word! Look at all the peeps!."

He stood motionless  for 30 seconds, then said, "They have rabbit ones now too, pink rabbits." He looked at me and then back at the peeps and said," The color alone is enough to make you worry."

After he had recovered from the peeps, we proceded to the self check out. One of our purchases was a 6 pack of beer. When we  scanned the 6 pack, the automated voice directed us to show our ID to a checker. We continued to scan and bag our purchases, selected the method of payment, payed and walked out of the store. Mike was chuckling, I asked him what was so funny , he said he felt like a rebel because he didn't show his ID and walked out of the store with the beer.

I on the other had was waiting for the sirens and flashing lights to go off...busted!

I figure the self check attendant heard the machine tell us to show our ID, took one look at my gray hair and his graying beard and hit the allow button or what ever it is they must have to hit to let the transaction take place....but I am not going to tell my Che Guevara that.

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