Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Spring is on it's way.

I do miss the change in seasons here in Southern California. We have season change, but it is such a slight shift and short lived, it would be easy to miss. On my walk today I saw the signs that spring is on it's way.  Birds flying with nest improvement materials in their beaks. My Little cannon power shot isn't fast enough to capture them. Things have to be pretty much sitting still for me to be able to snap their photo.

It is overcast and gray today with rain in the forecast.

It did sprinkle a bit on my walk. I heard it first , hitting the leaves, I love that sound. Remember the song form the Disney movie Bambie? Drip, drip, drop, little April showers... I loved that song, I guess I still do.

The willows are starting to leaf out.

Willow seeds, should start flying soon, bothering my friends with allergies. Some of the smaller birds were grabbing beaks full of this stuff for their nest.

Great Horned Owl...nope just a bend in the oak tree branch. Nearly dropped my camera, then figured out, oh, another one of Jenean's hidden pictures.

It was a pretty good walk in the park this morning.


  1. The owl photo fooled me, Jenean...I was out walking yesterday down to the creek, but no green just yet.

  2. Wanda it fooled me too ! You will get green soon...I know you know that, but it is hard to wait. we lived in Iowa for 5 years, spring can sometimes be a long time coming.