Thursday, March 10, 2011

Mopey Me.

Feeling out of sorts today. Can't figure out why, the sun is out, it is in the high 70's.

The dishwasher broke. It won't drain, nice little puddle on the floor. I bailed it out, thought I had it fixed. Ran it again, nope, had to bail it out again. Maybe Mike can fix it when he comes home. He has in the past.

The neighbors dog keeps jumping the brick wall into my back yard. Third day straight. She is a nice dog and all, but  she is becoming more and more interested in the gate that leads to the rabbits. Besides if I wanted a get the idea. Some how she got out into the street, so the other neighbors and I caught her and put her back in her of course she is leaping back and fourth into my yard again.

Saw some beautiful wildflowers on my walk. I am thinking I need a big girl camera. My little point and shot takes really good pictures, but it is frustrating sometimes. Focuses on the ground , not the flower. Really, it is the camera, not me.
I took eleven pictures that look like this.

  and one that looked like this.

Tried to capture some birds but to no avail, little camera is too slow.

 Empty tree where the bird was...

I did get a ground squirrel. It was in the "if I stand really, really still the lady will not see me" mode. so I got it's picture.

Really, I did have a nice walk.

I know it's a weed, but I like it so it's in here. Life stages, new blooms, one gone to seed and some, on the left, that are brown and dead...told you, mopey.

Lupine, California Poppies and what ever the red flower is.


Little camera caught the water drops in this is pretty good sometimes.

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  1. Your out of sorts day presented you with a fun blog post, Jenean! I've had my share of blurry flowers and empty tree shots! Can't wait to see such lovely blooms here in Ohio.