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In 2004 I took my daughters , then 11 and 14, to a 4-H club meeting. We were there to see about  the clubs Horseless Horse group as my youngest wanted a horse so badly. A want I could not fill in exactly the way she would have liked, this, I thought, would be the next best thing. The club no longer offered the horseless horse project, but the girls decided to join 4-H anyway. They signed up for the rabbit project and the rest is history. We went from one rabbit each, to a prize winning show line in Mini Rex for my youngest, Kathy, and a prize winning show line in Mini Lops with my oldest, Brenda.
Now, these many years later,the kids left home and I have all the rabbits.

 Brenda and her first rabbit Thalye.

 Kathy winning Senior showmanship at the fair. What? the uniform? oh ya, California 4-H has a uniform, I guess the rest of the country does not. The kids think they look like they work at In and Out burger, oh wait, those are only in Californian too. OK, a milkman. Oh wait...only people of a certain age ...anyway they don't like their white uniforms...lets just say that. Of course we annoying mom's think they look sharp! But nag constantly to" keep those whites clean until after you show!"

 Brenda and Kathy in a costume contest at the county fair, Kathy and ears are mister McGregor and Peter rabbit. Brenda is a maid and Thaylie is a dust bunny.
 Brenda, in the center, in a show off at the fair, she took top showman.

 Kathy with her best in show rabbit

 Two of Kathy's white mini rex, one won best of variety at the 2009 National convention

 At a rabbit show in December of 2010

 Kathy and Brenda clipping bunny nails at a rabbit show

 Our two newest bunny diva's. Gigi on the left won best of breed, Ruby on the right won best in show

 Kathy and Ruby

 Brenda and Remy 4th at mini lop nationals 2009

 4-H rabbit friends in Ventura county