Thursday, March 31, 2011

Ain't no April Fools Joke.

I know people make fun of Facebook. Some of the Coffee Ladies see it as a total wast of time, but for me, it has been a gift. The gift of catching up with  my old college roommates, especially one who lives way the H E double tooth picks up on Nome Alaska, Keeney.

Here we are 1984, Custer Battlefield. Mike and I  stopped to visit Keeney and her husband, on our drive  from Oregon to Iowa.

Keeney is one of those friends that you can not see for 20 years and then...just pick up and go on, even if it is on Facebook. I am lucky in that all of my 7 college roommates are that way.

We lived in this big old house on the corner of Ninth and Jefferson. Some of us called it The House On Pooh Corner. My dad called it The Hen House.

here we all are, circa 1980.

Keeney came to visit me last August.

We have been going through the empty nest together, learning Photoshop together, how to Blog together, and many other things together, all on chat and through e mail.

Now Keeney has come up with another idea for us to tackle.  Project 365 Take a picture a day and write a little something about it. So starting April 1, Keeney and I will be taking a picture a day . I may even share mine here...I about do that anyway. Keeney is a bit shy, she may not post hers on her blog...but I hope she e mails them to me, she takes wonderful photos, and I want to know what my friend, who lives  way the  H E double toothpicks up in Nome, is seeing and thinking, everyday.

Maybe some of you will do this too. I would love to see what you see.

Checked in with Keeney this morning, just to let her know she is in this post. She is at -20 degrees F, I am at 75 degrees heading to 90, really fast.


  1. I've always thought that doing the 365 pictures would be fun... but I think I'd run out of new views, lol

  2. I'm with you! I love FB. I'm closer to a bunch of my cousins now than I was growing up because of FB. And look at us. We were GS Leader acquaintances for how many years? Now we’re friends. In GS I never knew how creative and amusing you are, now I know! I love the Project 365 idea. Can’t wait to see the posts.