Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Alpacas on Parade!

This past Saturday, Kathy and I were at the fair grounds for a rabbit show.  The two buildings beside us  were hosting an alpaca show! During our judges lunch break, Kathy and I made a quick visit next door. Here is what we saw and learned.

1. Alpacas are not Llamas.
2. The opportunity for + $ flow if you raise alpacas is > than if you raise rabbits.

That is the first thing I learned. Alpacas are classified as camelids with Llamas and camels.

Ok I'll buy that. Llamas are twice as big as an alpaca. Alpacas are bred for fiber and meat.
Llamas for pack animals and meat. There are two types of alpacas, Huacaya and Suri.
this is a Suri alpaca.
close up of the Suri 's fleece

spun into fiber to make this...
$100.00, it was so soft.


Alpacas come in various shapes and sizes...as well as 20 natural colors.


They can spit...like their cousin the camel.

The have HUGE dark eyes.

Alpacas produce 4 pounds of fiber per year per adult .

these are Huacaya alpacas

Alpacas can be house trained!?!  Humm, they are kind of cute....


  1. Think you could talk Mike into one?

  2. Yes they are kind of cute :)
    I like rabbits too - I have 5 mini lops and I love them :)