Monday, September 24, 2012

I just got back from a week long trip up to Oregon. Helped move Kathy into her new apartment.  Brings back  memories of my time at OSU. Kathy has some great roommates, I did too...I even got to get together with 2 of the 7 this trip.

That's right you all, there were 8 of us, in one house, all girls...and we are still friends to this day..well, maybe not after I post these pictures.

Had a great time with the roomies,  Lycra man and my brother at the Oregon Gardens Barn Dance.

 us, me in the middle with the g rated wardrobe malfunction...

Lycra man and my brother with their "barley pop", discussing engineering things. I am serious, they were taking bearings of hot air balloons with a compass app on their smart phones.

 Sharon and Mike

 getting ready to learn the bull shift dance.

   Us. Mike, Sharon. Lycra man, keeney, me, my brother Craig.

getting us to look at a camera, the same camera, at the same time....

kind of like herding cats.

Next morning, Keeney and I did a short photo safari in the Oregon gardens.

 Stalking a scare crow...

 this is Keeney of Nome Alaska...check out her blog on life in Nome. You'll find a link to the right.

 Getting close to cider time!

 Hops, need those for" barley pop"...

 Keeney and me, reflecting...

 Asters and black eyed Susan, makes me think of my granny, she grew these in her flower garden.

Maybe next time we can get all of us is an annual affair at the gardens it seems. Fair warning Grace, Susie, Carol, Lyn, Jackie....and spouses!