Monday, March 7, 2011

Things happen, even to the Little Blue Bird of Happiness.

A while back this little guy showed up at my feeder.He was a beautiful aqua blue, in the sunlight he almost glowed.

At first I thought it was a Western Blue Bird, but the color was wrong. The Western Blue Bird is a darker blue with a buff to almost orange breast. This little guy was feeding on seeds, the blue birds eat worms and insects, sometimes berries, not seeds.

I got a better picture of his beak and it is differently a finch like beak, so I thought ,well, maybe a Blue Bunting, but again the color wasn't right and Buntings are not usually in my area. I posted his picture on the California Audubon page. It turns out he was a pet store ecxape, he is an African Cordon Bleu Fnch. No wounder I couldn't find him in my guide books.

He hasn't been back to the feeder for over two weeks now. I keep hoping he will come back. We had a cold snap, so I wounder if that was too much for him. We have a coopers hawk that nest here and takes her bath in our koi pond, she might have got him.

We have a neighbor kitty that patrols the back yard, and she may have gotten him. There have been a few birds hitting our windows so that could have happened. My husband even suggested he just likes someone else feeder better, Never! What ever the cause , I miss seeing that little glowing bird out at the feeder. Maybe he will show up today.

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  1. An escapee....he sounds pretty! Hope he is alright.