Friday, March 11, 2011

Some days are just better than others, for cameras and people!

Look at this little guy!

See the acorn in his mouth? I swear I could hear him saying "cheese!" Had kind of a lispy sound due to the acorn. He stood there perfectly still allowing me to turn on camera, focus camera , snap three pictures, two of which were pretty good.

Pulled into the driveway after my walk, our Bird of Paradise looked so bright and glowy ( is that a word?)
On the other side of the driveway we have French Lavender, being visited buy a lot of honey bees.  My intent was to photograph the bees, and got,
A beautifully clear shot of the lavender, but no bee. I'll take it. I did get some bees, they are in the shots to follow. I think I had better light on these flowers so the camera could focus better.
Look at this one, see the veins and fuzz on the bloom....again I was aiming for a bee...

A bee!

See her, she is there, Miss Bee.

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