Friday, March 18, 2011

Bunny divas, me and Kathy or these guys. You decide!

Saturday is a rabbit show right here in Ventura County!!!! We only have to drive 30 minutes instead of 2 hours or so... It will be at the Ventura County Fair Grounds.

Kathy will be taking her Mini Rex crew, including her star...Ruby. the little gray babies won't be going, way too young.

Here they are at the December show in Santa Barbara.

I will be taking my dynamic dual, Mom , Tiffany and daughter Gigi...little girl beat her mom last show once and then mom beat her the next time I am interested to see what  happens this show. Every show is different. different rabbits entered, different judges, you get the idea

This is little brother Magellan, he did pretty well last show too. He is such a fun.

and this is Sir Hubble of the Tea Cup. Why do I call him that? refresh your memory,

This is why, Hubble when he was a baby. He is a love as well. So far he can't beat his brother on the show table, we'll see if that still holds true. Tiffany is mom to all these guys. The kids are all in the senior class now, just moved up ( turned 6 months old, so can no longer be shown as juniors ) so I don't know how they will do against more mature bunnies.

I am looking forward to spending Saturday with Kathy and our critters. We should see a lot of our 4-H  and rabbit friends at the fair grounds, as well as... Alpacas....I'll report on that Sunday if all goes well. Stay tuned, the fun never stops here at Casa Bass...just slows down sometimes!

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