Saturday, October 29, 2011

Pumpkin Patch Flash!

Friday two of the coffee ladies and I visited our local pumpkin patch. Ann, of Critter Sitter fame is hosting an exchange student this year. She thought he should add this to his American experiences. She has made sure he had a Hot Dog ( "why is it called this and it tastes bad!") Homecoming, a Slurpee at 7-11...and now the American pumpkin patch!

I used to take my kids to this same pumpkin patch. Back then it had pumpkins and a hay ride and a pony ride and that was about it.

things have changed....

Corn maze! the coffee ladies and I decided to give it a try... NO CHEATING!

Tall corn.....

made it to the hay pyramid!( hum the theme Rocky tune here)

Scottish highland cattle, Ethel and Lucy

I think this is Ethel

  Red wing blackbirds

Nice way to spend a Friday afternoon!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Duck soup

Well there was a ruckus in the park where I take my morning walks this week. There is a Pond...a man made pond, that needs to be drained and cleaned every year.

so what is the uproar you ask...well it is these guys...

they can't fly, so the ladies that walk in the park catch them and take them away in dog crates. When the pond is full of water again they return them.

well this year they couldn't catch two of park walking friend and
I figured no big deal...there is a creek, a real creek, about 100 yards away.

We figured they could waddle down there...we have both seen them down there in the summer when it gets really hot. We figure if Wiley e coyote gets them or Wiley e human..well that is the circle of life..circling.

so today we were a little alarmed when we saw this...

yipe, that don't look right...but hey we were the circle of life girls....we decided to investigate
  Double yipe, not looking good, but hey no feathers, no...urr...body or blood for that matter...


Martha thinks we both need new glasses...

Friday, October 21, 2011

Floral Design Field Trip!!!

The floral design class took a field trip to a design wear house ( the Home Depot of floral design) and a Garden center...whats such a big deal about a garden center you ask... well it was in Orange county California...folks shopping in expensive clothes and fancy cars....and this garden supply place knows how to draw them!!!

Hope you enjoy the trip! If you click on a picture it will enlarge...

isles and isles of vases, ribbon, etc etc etc.

the following end caps were made by designers to sort of hint what is available in that particular isle.

What trip would be complete with out ~ a coffee lady???

Claire...doing her Queen Frosting of Candy-land fame, impersonation...

I am not kidding you... we saw a two foot high topiary for sale for $750.00. We were walking around holding our purses close because we did NOT want to knock an ornament off a tree or anything else as far as that goes!


 Yep, still in the garden center...they had a big hunted house thing.

 $300.00 for the rock owl...get carving guys!

Beautiful orchid.
Check it out yourself. It really was a beautiful place...looking was free and fun!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Wednesday photo...Hank edition.

Hank says that tasty ~ tiny bit of bear grass won't last until morning, and what the heck are these??....Everyone's a critic.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Walking in a fog.

Really! Can you see the two walkers in front of me in this picture...pretty thick out there this morning.  I thought I would have to leave a bread crumb trail. I had a feeling that wouldn't work due to these guys..

they sure get one into the Halloween spirit....

Don't know what the spiders think...makes it hard to catch your breakfast.

but it sure makes their webs look good!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Lycra Man always wear's a helmet.

Helmets , or Brain buckets, as Lycra man likes to call them are a must for cyclist. Lycra Man has taken a few nasty spills on his bike resulting in a broken collar bone one time, broken helmets two times.

Although he has had to dodge crazy squirrels he has never had to deal with the likes of this.... If he does, he will be wearing his helmet!

Monday, October 10, 2011

My favorite season of the year.

I think I have mentioned this is my favorite season of the year, Fall. I love the feel of the air, the angle of the sun, the light that is cast, the feeling that things are changing right before my eyes!

This morning the light in the park was perfect. Leaves every where, on the trees, on the ground, in the water...

Good thing I charged the camera battery yesterday, not much walking got done this morning but a lit of shutter clicking took place.