Friday, November 23, 2012

Over the river and through the Folsom Prison?

Yes, but just to look, not to take up residence...I was a little nervous...what was the guard thinking in the guard tower of this lady in the parking lot snapping photos of The Wall???


It is an intimidating sight. big, and gray.

Why were we there???? Well, the kids couldn't know home for thanksgiving so Lycra man and I drove up to Sacramento to visit Brenda and Paul. We took a day trip from Sac to the city of Folsom and of course had to go see the prison.

Folsom is a cute old western town, we had gelato in one of the shops...if you are in the area, visit Folsom.

We also visited the Capital of California...Beautiful grounds, and interior.

Had some great dinners, this is a beat salad form Ten22 in old town Sac, another great place to visit...

dinner number two, Capitol Garage, in a garage in Sac

we had a great trip, had fun visiting the oldest daughter. 

P.S. Technology is wonderful ,sometimes, when it works, department. We were driving south on I-5 in California, youngest daughter is driving north on I-5 in Oregon..asking for directions to her uncles house....GPS wouldn't work in her the parental units ! She made it safe and sound...

Belated Happy Thanksgiving to you all!