Thursday, March 3, 2011

Opi, one miffed bunny.

Well, Mister congeniality, Opi Won Conejo, Opi for short, had to go to the veterinarian earlier this week. We noticed what we thought was an abscess on his left foreleg. So I put him in a carry cage...

and off we went to the vet's office.

That is the equine vet in the white truck, going out on a call. I took my 4-H kids on a tour of this veterinarian hospital a few years ago and we got to see the equine vets truck. It is packed with every thing they should need for a barn call.

Notice the elephant and ostrich on the sign?  Jungleland was located near here. Jungleland started as a place for a fellow to keep his lions and grew into quite an attraction. Some of the residences of Jungleland were animal stars in Hollywood, including Leo the lion ,that lion in the MGM logo, remember?  Some movies such as Tarzan, with Johnny Weissmuller, were filmed in Jungleland.  To see photos and learn about Jungleland,click here .

cute critter topiary bushes outside the front door of the Veterinarian Hospital.

Poor Old Opi waiting, thinking if he puts his head down, they might forget he is here.

Thinking about making a break for it. It turned out he has what the vet thinks was a warble. It is pretty don't click on the next link if you have a weak here to learn more about warbles.

Opi had to have the lump removed . He was sent home with a pink badge covered in purple smiley faces...if it is to improve his mood, it isn't working...he won't look at me. The bandage goes quit a ways up his leg, but I didn't think he would appreciate me trying to get a better shot. He thought the pink bandage was enough of an indignation, not to mention the possibility of  a "cone of shame" if he chews on said pink bandage. Poor bunny.


  1. He is still slow moving today, one day after. poor guy. should have just doctored him myself...