Sunday, January 29, 2012

More this and that, seems that is all I do anymore!

Took myself and 12 rabbits over the hill to a rabbit show in Bakersfield...remember these two  from a previous post? Tiffany and Gigi?

Mom and daughter , well they did it again, Gigi won best of breed in the first show, Tiffany won best of breed in the second show.

 I was playing with flowers again, trying out things, here is the result, a boutonniere, I kind of like It.

and last but not least, my latest magnetic word thing....

ok that is it for now, got to go refill the feeder!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Special delivery.

My cousin Dena came down form Oregon to visit me. She brought with her some of our Grandmothers photographs, cards and news clippings. We and a great time going over the pictures and swapping stories.

Here she is soaking up the sun, a thing in short supply where she is from, talking to her dad on the phone. We were trying to get "person in the picture on the right" verification. I thought I would get more pictures of her, but this is the only one! We spent a nice day in the city of Ventura, vising the antique shops and boutiques.

This morning was a mad dash to the airport, Dena's flight had been delayed til way late in the day, luckily, she could get on an earlier off we went to battle the L.A. traffic commute...we made it!

While we were in Ventura, I found a magnetic poetry set for bird lovers this morning , after my trip to the airport, I created my first magnetic work of


Monday, January 23, 2012

Walking in the rain with a camera in hand.

The rain has finally come to Southern California! Not a whole lot, almost a cruel joke in some ways. I know in some places north of here, they are having lots of rain. Like may mom used to say, too 'nough or too none.

a rain wreath

Rainbow fish

Me in a rain bubble, floating on a puddle.

Close up.

Street light reflecting makes the street looks like it is paved in gold

Rain on the moon roof

When I was little, I was afraid of puddles like this, I could not see the street, I was afraid they were bottomless and if I stepped in I would go down ,down, down, forever.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Empty nest update.

What I have learned so far:

I do not have to buy the following items as often as I used to;


~toilet paper

It takes longer to have enough dishes to run the dishwasher.

It is still just as cluttered around here, I always thought it was the kids, have to rethink that, rats!

I think it is pretty safe to take the High School attendance office phone number and bell scheduled off the refrigerator.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Wandering with my camera

Reads like a cell phone signal breaking up.

Bachelor button blooming all alone.

Widgeon's feeding 

a feather floating

willow buds

Kite or ray?


blooming tree, sort of looks like a hand, palm up, wrist and arm...see?

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A fowl morning at the park

American Widgeon's feeding in the grass

A Red shouldered hawk, puffed up against the cold ( in the 40's by golly) being heckled by a crow

Hawk Number 1's mate calling from a near by pine...crows were dive bombing it too.

And last, a short video of Mallards. Sometimes I think people forget "cute" things like ducks and rabbits  are Just as protective a s a lion or tiger or bear, watch the two drakes at the end of the video...

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tut~ tut, it looks like rain...Hidden pictures and North to Alaska!

I hope so, we really need it. I have to say my youngest daughter up in Oregon was in seventh heaven yesterday, they had snow! For a kid from Southern California, snow is one of the seven wonders of the world!

Leaves of birds????? or  both!

I have spoken of my former college room mate here before. she lives in Nome Alaska, has for the last 20 + years. As you  may know, Nome has been in the news lately, yesterday, my roomie went to see the ships have a look

and here I am , just hoping for rain...

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

This and that and how my mind goes off on a tangent

First the this and that... we attended a beer tasting get together a friend of ours who is  a home brewer held. While Lycra Man was visiting with fellow tasters, it was discovered the fellow taster  had a koi pond...Well ,we have  a koi pond too says Lycra Man, really says the taster, ya says Lycra man, you want a fish? (remember it was a beer tasting...event, lots of beer tasting ) Ya says the taster, I'll take a fish.

Which lead to this...

Koi Wrangling!
~after much laughing and splashing, we did catch one, so our friends went home with a new koi, and Hugh Jackman, my Australian Zebra finch. That was a surprise. I learned, as were were trying to round up the fish, our friends had an Avery with zebra finches, so I thought Hugh might like company and room. I am surprised how much I really miss the little guy. I hope he is ok.

Been playing with flowers...Hank loves this buffet arrangement...

Now, how my mind goes off on a tangent..

On my walk this morning I saw this...

Thought pops into my mind, hey the gear that makes the world turn...and then this whole story followed.
Old gray haired lady picks up gear , this would cause the world to stop turning, but not like b putting on the brakes you know, nor friction in space, so it would slow down the scientist would notice this and it would be clear  this is a problem so we should make sure that the country we live in shouldn't end up on the dark side of the world or on the side facing the sun...need to end up in permanent twilight, there for we need to figure out a way to manipulate the positioning , other countries figure that too and then off we go...

ok so there ya go, tangent.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Reap what the whirlwind sows.

In the course of human relations, there are lazy, easy summer days.
Quick and loud cloudburst with silver linings,
But when the eddies begin to rise and swirl,
Spinning trash,
Blowing dust in my eyes,
Threaten to leave me
Like a plastic shopping bag
Snared in the high branches,
It is time to click my heels together
Three times.
I will not,
Be caught,
In your,