Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Drought is Officially Over.

Today the Governor of California will officially declare that the Drought has ended. We have had record snowfall in the Sierras, 61 feet. Here in southern California I know I have seen snow more often on the Topatopa Mountains this year.

we have had a lot of rain too.

The creeks are up. I can hear them flowing when I take my walk.

Everything is green. it is spring after all.

Today's forecast is upper 70s mid 80's, tomorrow could be lower 90's

We have a strong dry,warm, breeze from the east blowing today, Like a Santa Anna,  sometimes called Devil winds. I like that name better.

Wildfire Ventura county 2006

Devil winds dry things out. Any little spark can start a fire that can be pushed by the wind to the Pacific Ocean. As I write this, the radio is reporting a grass fire near here. My thought was already?! We just had 4.41 inches of rain 2 weeks ago.

I am glad the drought has ended, but the dry spell never does.


  1. Our weather took a little turn back to colder temps this week, only in the 40s and 50s, maybe we will see the high 60s again next week. Enjoy your 80s!

  2. up and down weather you have....

    I always think of it sunny there and warm sandy beaches with surfers and ccr!