Thursday, February 25, 2010

A diffrent kind of Olympics. Did you ever notice our political system is like the game of Curling? both sides skate around each other, throwing rocks, trying to block their opponent or knock them out of the house. curlers have more manners however. just a thought from Just a mom.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

A day after the rain. Yeah, my garlic has sprouted. Hope the wild bunnies don't like it.

Our citrus tress are really weighed down with fruit this year, I hope they can take the load!
Dear Elected Officials,
Please stop your posturing.
Straighten up and fly right.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The rain is here!

This is Sequel, so named because he/she looks so much like his her daddy, Milo. Sequel is a Mini Lop baby about 5 weeks old. His ears have just Lopped, moved down beside his cheeks, so he looks like a proper Mini Lop now! My daughters and I raise and show rabbits. Brenda and I show Mini Lops, Kathy shows Mini Rex. It is a family affair. Mike, my husband, helps us clean and feed the bunny s, he helps load them in the car for a show and unload when we get home, but he can't quite take the hurry up and wait at shows, so we text him the results!
Waiting for the next rain storm to hit Southern California.I am glad we are getting rain,the garden can really use it. The drought has been rough, but even with all this rain fall it is not officially over. Luckily we do not live near any of the slid areas. However our ground is saturated and I will need to watch for local flooding! Kathy is home sick so I don't have to worry about her driving home in it.