Sunday, June 24, 2012

You know how it is when you have a hobby...

It seems I have collected and or acquired quite a few coffee mugs with rabbits on them.

Holland Lop, used to think I wanted to raise these guys, bought this at a rabbit show...

found this at my neighbors garage sale...had to have it!

Netherland Dwarf, Brenda used to raise these, had a grand champion, still have him out there,... captain jack is his name. Got this at a rabbit show.

a gift from Lycra Man and the girls...

this fellow needs no introduction, bought peter for my self , because I needed one more mug with a rabbit on it.

My favorite mug, I am using it now as I's hand painted, those bunnies are thumbprints, so cute.

Time for a refill, hope you all are having a many cups of coffee, kind of Sunday morning.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Someday we should stop there.

Lycra man an I have been up and down the I-5 form here to Oregon and for the last 4 years here to Davis so many times. We always say , "We should stop there some time", as we whiz by, got to be somewhere and that some where is over 300 miles away.

Recently we had the college kid pick up, graduation relay race, from California to Oregon to OSU to pick up Kathy, then back to Davis for Brenda's graduation form UC Davis. We decided to take a little extra time and stop along the way.

First stop...Andersen's pea soup restaurant If you are from southern California you know what I am talking about. big windmill restaurant serves split pea soup...yep, I confess, I like split pea soup and I finally got to eat in the windmill , pretty tasty!

On up the free way we went to Sierra Nevada Brewing company Lycra Man was in heaven.

We had a great dinner in the restaurant. Free tours are available of the brewery. It is a pretty neat place, they grow most of the veggies they serve in the restaurant, send the used hops from brewing, over to Cal State Chico to the beef department for feed, get beef back for the restaurant.

Next... The The Bidwell Mansion in Chico. Built in 1868. some of its famous visitors William T Sherman, John Muir.

On to OSU to pick up the equestrian team member, u turn, head back down the 5...
To Ashland to overnight and see a play, As you like it, by William Shakespeare.

Then off to Castle Lake by lake Shasta

on to Davis for Brenda's Graduation from UC Davis, Yeah Brenda!!!!

then on down the Freeway another 5 hours, back home to Hank and the bunnies.... I think I will stop here for a while!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I'm still here!

I'm still here. I have been, puny, as my granny would have said. You know, unwell, sick, under the weather...whatever. Had a bacterial infection, lost 20 pounds ( that part was good!) Doc put me on antibiotic and I am getting better everyday.

So to catch you up on other things...remember these guys??? The Finch Family.. the baby's hatched and grew and flew. all in that month I

While the finch family was growing, the hummers started in with round 2 , a second clutch of babies. It was interesting to watch mom Hummer fly over and get right in the face of the baby finches, probably complaining they were playing their music too loud. She also flew over and got right up in daddy finches face too, probably complaining about the the finches were sorry they built in this neighborhood.

Just when I got on the mend, Lycra Man crashed himself. He is OK, just pretty skinned up, broke the cleat off his shoe and some such something is messed up on the bike.

Hank is good, the bunnies are good, the kids are good...I am better, Lycra man is getting better, so I guess life is pretty good here!

Nice to be back.