Saturday, March 19, 2011

Rabbit Roadies R Us. How to get ready for a rabbit show.

Open the storage shed and select the travel cages you need. There are many styles to choose from. My divas need to ride in the very top cage in this picture, their backs rise so high and they are so good at hanging on to the wire floor, it is hard to get them out of any other type of cage....they are divas after all...they get what they want.

Fill the trays of the travel cages with wood chips.

make sure all cages have cups for water. I will fill these at the show. Water doesn't stay in  very well as we bump down the road .

Make sure everyone has hay to munch on.

Assemble the rabbit and human support gear.
1. Hay for the bunnies.
2 Chairs for the people.
3. Cart for travel cages.
4. Water for the bunnies.
5. Tool box, has grooming tools. nail clippers , pens, band aids.
6. Tattoo kit, for touching up tattoos if needed.
7. Grooming tables that will hook on to the travel cages at the show.
8. Lunch for the people.

Before I go to bed I will set the alarm.

In the morning Kathy and I will feed everyone and us, load the bunnies into their travel cages, load  the travel cages, and rabbit/people support gear into the car and take off.


  1. Sounds fun! Where is the show? So the box of Girl Scout cookies on top in the first photo… for people or bunnies?

  2. Just read the last entry so I know where you are. Good luck and have fun!