Monday, February 28, 2011

You had me at Junk Drawer.

I am starting a new class this evening. Mixed Media. The little blurb in the class catalog said "... each project will be a personal work of art...incorporating such things as junk drawer items,." .... Wait. What!?!?

Junk drawer items I have in spades. Most of this stuff I need. Those round white plastic things that come in pizza boxes,they look sort of like three legged tables, they work great for holding oasis in place for flower arrangements. The syringes are for bunny doctoring. I do have junk room items.

This would be my junk closet...the blurb says 6 projects...I think I have enough stuff to keep me going for six years. It kind of piles up you know? Ex Girl Scout leader (10 years), ex 4-H crafts, sewing and scrapbook leader (6 years)... ...Hummm.... Maybe I can do this kind of art and clean out the closet too, question is, where do I put that many "personal works of art"? New mantra...If it fits, it ships.


  1. And here I thought your house was so neat and uncluttered. I was thinking how much I wished mine was too! But, I am over that now!

    Have fun in class...maybe you could do it online for the rest of us?

  2. but sdk...I had like 3 months warning that you were coming from the great white north to visit.....

  3. I was browsing through your old stuff that I hadn't read yet and the title of this caught my attention. Your "junk" drawer looks nicely organized. I'll have to show you mine so you can see the "right" way to have a junk drawer!

  4. well you see Sherry, I couldn't close the drawer so the junk closet came into being...