Friday, February 4, 2011

Shopping by the Seat of my Pants.

I am not a shopper. I like clothes. I like to look nice. But the shopping thing, no. Maybe it is because I wear the mom uniform of jeans and tee shirt. This came to my attention when one the girls when in grade school had to write a description of their mom for mothers day or something. Blue jeans and solid color shirt, she wrote. I was like no, the child is mistaken. Looked in my closet , yes, the child is accurate.
I tried to spice up the wardrobe but that turned into a waste of money.The clothes just stayed in the closet and became woefully out of date. The uniform is much more suited to yard work,cleaning toilets, wrangling bunnies.

I am now a woman of a certain age. It is getting hard to find jeans that don't make me look, well, silly.

I am NOT going to pay for jeans that are already faded in the thigh not need attention drawn there
I am NOT going to pay for jeans with a rip in them, rabbit cages can do that for me.
I am NOT going to buy jeans that  need to two belts to hold them up do to the weight of the bling on the back pocket.
This leaves only one alternative. On Line shopping. Seems silly with a big huge mall a mile down the road , but I see no alternative. All they carry is the items listed in the NOT list above.So I consulted my friend Keeney, who lives in Nome. Out of necessity she  is the queen of on line shopping.
With her help I am now sporting a new pair of jeans. They are not to long, no bling, no rips, no fading, no trying to find a parking spot, great fit.

In the movie Moonstruck, Olympia Dukakis has one of my favorite lines of the whole movie, when a younger man is trying to talk her into asking him into the house and she refuses, he asks her why and she says, "Because I know who I am."

As I said before, I am a woman of a certain age. I like my "uniform". Because, I know who I am.

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