Sunday, February 27, 2011

A Frosty Sunday Morning In Southern California.

Woke up to clear skies and 30 degrees here in southern California

Frost on the grass,

Hungry little birds in the feeder,

 and Hank glued to the window watching them.

Of course my Road Warrior, Lycra Man, had to go out on his 60 mile ride this a.m. That's ok, his rides keep him sane, like my walks in the park keep me sane. Oh, he prefers MAMIL pronounced, mammal, it stands for Middle aged Men in Lycra...but I like Lycra Man better, has more of a super hero ring to it. Anyone who can get on a bike in 100 degree - 30 degree weather and ride 60 miles, most of it up hill, is a super hero in my opinion, but I might be biased.

The baby bunnies are doing great! They are "popcorning." In rabbit raising lingo that means they are learning how to hop. They pretty much jump straight up in the air. Just little jumps because they are building muscle. They tried to eat some hay this morning.   

Hank tore himself away from the window long enough to have some kitty salad. He says the white tulip salad he had two weeks ago was better. Dude, that wasn't  salad , that was a flower arrangement!

Hank wants to know if there is anything I wont photograph in his life....yes kitty, your glitter box, as the girls called it when they were little, that is off limits.

He says, thanks.

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