Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Borrowing pets that will sit still.

This is Ali. She is my friend Leanne's rescued Springer Spaniel. My friends know I am not a dog person, but I really like Ali. So, desperate to try out what I learned in my Photographing Pets workshop, I took pictures of Ali this morning in the park. Some in the sun and some in the shade. Nice to have a subject that will sit still. I think they turned out ok. Need to keep working on it . Maybe Hank will get jealous and sit still for me? One can only hope.

Leanne Loved this one and plans to send it to Ali's foster home
In my photography class, not the workshop about pets, a different one. There were some ladies trying to learn how to take pictures with aspirations of becoming Bridal photographers....I am not sure that is such a wise career decision. In the time I was working on taking Ali's photo, two other dog owners stopped and wanted pictures of their pets too. I am thinking , starting out in a new field such as photography, one should choose something more forgiving than pissed off Brides because you cut their heads off in every photo. I would chose pet owners, who see with eyes of unconditional love.

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