Thursday, February 17, 2011

Trip to the Feed Store! I don't mean Pet Store, I mean for Real, Feed Store.

I love going to the feed store. I feel at home there. I feel a little uncomfortable in the higher end department stores. I fear a sales lady will pop out from behind a rack of $150.00 jeans and yell "Pretender!" I have an answer for her. "Babe, your store here, a walkway runs through it, just passing through.(see earlier post titled Shopping by the seat of my pants, if further explanation of this phobia is needed.)

Anyway, here is the feed store, not the pet store. A for real feed store.

The Gee Gaw's and Baubles department.


Muck boots

Bird feeders galore!

Rabbit food and supplies, this isle is my home away form home. Lucky for me the bird feeders are at the end of this same isle.

 Horse Grooming supplies. Had to add this for the youngest, Kathy , my horse girl.

Pig, lamb, goat, horse feed. Rabbit hutches and chicken coops. See, feed store, not pet store.

Poultry feed center

weigh station for poultry feed center

My critter owning friends will recognize traps!

Bunny food, the main objective of this trip...Hank food too, can't forget him!

Sleepy baby bunnies with full tummies.


  1. I loved that counter with the bins! I think I took a picture too. Where are the pictures of the new magnets? It is a very good wandering store!

  2. Hey sdk, well i felt funny taking pictures of the magnet rack as it is up by the check out stand. i asked before I took the pictures in the store , but still felt funny...