Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cat Walk.

We had a big rain storm move through our area last night and are due for more rain off and on today. This morning was bright and sunny so I decided to go for my morning walk before the new storm arrived.

I must have a million shots of these guys, the Drakes...I love the sun on their green heads. I love this huge old Oak tree.

After a rain, I like to take the dirt trails through the park.  I get muddy, but some times I find the best animal tracks. Once I found the tracks a Red Shouldered Hawk left as she had swooped down on her prey. I saw her hunting in this area yesterday, so I thought maybe I could find her tracks again. But Red Shouldered Hawk tracks. I did find,

Raven Tracks

Worm Tracks

And then a set of tracks that stopped me in MY tracks.

Bob Cat Tracks. Four toes, no claws, scalloped pad, hind foot print stepping on, or close to, the forefoot print.

I followed the tracks through the park about a quarter of a mile, until the cat must have decided to go back down into the creek bed. I was pretty excited! This is why I got rid of my treadmill. I need to be O-U-T-S-I-D-E it helps me keep a grip on what little sanity I have!


  1. I love those worm tracks.
    My dog and I like to go tracking in the snow . There's an elusive fisher (a huge weasel) that checks my chicken coop some nights, in case I didn't lock it up tight!

  2. Lauren, Nice that you have a night "watchman" :) My neighbor has chickens. He has had coyotes, possums and coopers hawks come visit his coop.

  3. I love following deer and fox tracks in the snow through the woods, even followed a skunk's to his den once, so now I know where he lives.

  4. Wanda....that could have been interesting if Peppy La Pew had been home!