Friday, February 11, 2011

Hank, Mister Majestic.

Here he is, my boy, Hank.

I marvel at his strength. I don't want to meet a tiger sized Hank. Ok I don't want to meet a tiger.

He "sat" for me I think because the wind blowing stuff around outside as very interesting. Or he just thought it was fun watching me crawl around on the floor trying to get a shot of his face.

I was thinking, YES, my pet finally benefited from the pet photography class I took. Hank looked at me and I swear I could read his mind... Why, yes. Yes, I have.


  1. They make him look soft. Remember, i am the guest he likes the best!

  2. Yes, he does have good taste doesn't he. we figured out if you come in through the garage door he likes you. If you come in through the front door, you are a contractor and you will make noise and therefore he does not like you.... poor kitty.