Monday, February 21, 2011

Great Backyard Bird Count...Cat Friendly Version.( a.k.a. bird nerd humor)

Hank was a little down since he could not participate in Cornell Universities Great Backyard Bird Count. In an effort to cheer him up, I told him we could do an indoor bird count. Sort of like a scavenger hunt.

Ok, smart guy, not this bird!

See Here's 2!

What would make you think I am out of my gourd?

Here is a boat load in this room, this is only some of the owl collection!

 Hank, come and see! This one moves.

I got this one because I love that line in the song Gulf Coast Highway, "...and when he dies he say's he'll catch some black birds wing and fly away to heaven..." Anyway, on with the hunt!

What? No. It's not calling my name, it is saying cuckoo!

Ernie's Friend !

Hank , here is another one!! Hank where are you?

I can see you you know...


  1. Love the clothespin bird and Hank hiding!

  2. Thank you ladies. Wanda, I found that clothespin roadrunner at a garage sale....I just had to have him , and he was in my price range too! :)

  3. Jenean! (This is Martha -) Your blog is fantastic! I'll be bugging you for pointers. I guess you're not the only bird lover in the house. Hank appears to be an avid fan...

  4. Hi Martha, yes Hank LOVES birds...I can tell when the mallards of the blue Heron is here because he is just glued to the window...much different from when he is watching the little birds....