Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Rain, Nature's Bedazzler.

We don't get much rain here in Southern California, when it does rain, it is kind of a big deal. The mass migrations in and out of L. A slows as folks have forgotten how to drive in rain, and there are numerous fender benders.

The kids love rain. For them, living here in this dry climate, it is as exciting as snow is to any school kid living  in colder climates. My girls would rush outside and stand with their arms out stretched palms up and feel the rain falling on their upturned face, then leap from puddle to puddle to puddle.

Rain is a double edged sword here in Southern California. We need it. We dread it. Not just for the reasons seen on the national news. Houses sliding down hills, cars swept away etc. Rain causes things to grow on the hill. Things that will dry out. Things that will become fuel for the wildfires that sweep across our portion the state.

For now, I will just focus on rains good points. It is nature's bedazzler. Here are some binged up plants, so Southern California!


Nasturtium leaf

Sweet Gum Tree


California Poppy

Bird of paradise

Pine tree


  1. Are those this morning? Very cool! I like the water drops still in place. I have earrings of glass called Oregon Raindrops and I still love to run in the warm rain....reminds me of our old state.

  2. Yes that was from this morning. Supposed to get more rain through the weekend. You are such a crazy girl you run in about any weather!

  3. Love the beads of rain on the Jade with it's small heart shape and the willow bud looks like a wet caterpillar!

  4. Thank you Wanda, that means a lot coming from you. You have beautiful pictures on your blog. sounds like you look for hidden pictures too,I am referring to the caterpillar. Waiting to see new post on your site!