Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Philosophical photos.

I was trying to get a close up of a tiny flower, I didn't notice the ant until I had the photo on the screen. Some kind of moral to this story...

Working on filling the frame in my photography.... the bee flew away but the picture was pretty good anyway...you don't always get what you want...

this rabbit let me get pretty close, just kept an eye on me...wasn't going to act unless it seemed necessary...looking before leaping....

All these ducks were dumped at the park by their owners at various times. They have formed their own group and survive the coyotes, toddlers, teenagers and what ever else visits the park ...birds of a feather etc, isn't always a bad thing.

All the rain this spring  = these flowers in my yard....

Have a great day!


  1. That's great framing of the white ducks against the dark railings and the bright green of the grass and trees really makes it a nice photo, Jenean.

  2. I like the ant. I think it makes the photo even better. Intersection of life, you know?

  3. Martha...I was thinking more along the lines...can't see the forest for the trees...or right under my nose the whole time.. the ant picture