Monday, May 9, 2011

Lycra Man and the MAMIL Pack (Middle Aged Men In Lycra) survive to ride again another day!

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When last we checked in with Lycra Man, he was on a 100 mile ride with 10,000 feet of climbing  in the hills out side of L.A. L'Etape du California This route will be a stage in the up coming tour of California that the Professional teams will be competing in

See the clock to L.M's right?  That was his finish time. He says to subtract about 10 minuets...the clock starts with the first rider who rolls out in the morning. L.M. was about 10 minuets behind that rider. This may be why...

A MAMIL herd!!!!

Last Night, Chris Horner of Team Radio Shack, tweeted that he road the stage as a training ride and finished in just under 5 hours. He expects to finish faster during the race....L.M. was a little dishearten...but I think it is great he finished the darn thing!

Lycra Man carries a lot of technology with him on his bike and person. His on board computer logs elevation, temperature watts generated etc.  Here is the elevation info from his ride.

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Lycra Man also wears a heart monitor. He can see how hard he is working to climb hills as well as  where the bee hit him in the face or the bird bounced off his helmet or where the squirrel ran between his tires or the pot hole that wasn't there last week is here this week, or....when Lycra Girl rides by...HEY, eyes on the road buster!

The following are members of the MAMIL Pack recuperating....

See their finisher medals...

They all agreed it was one of the hardest rides they had ever been on.

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