Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mothers Day My Way.

 I didn't get diamonds, chocolate or roses...not that I wanted those things..
I received a hand painted picture form Kathy.

And a wonderful card from Brenda that made me sniff....

and after the bunny cleaning chores this morning...I am having Mothers Day My way.

go in the garage and dig around until you find the aquarium rocks you bought for the gold fish that died 10 years ago. Grab a couple of empty jelly jars too while you are in there, add some candles...

next go out into the yard and find what ever you can sticks, rocks, whatever, and bring them in. Root around it that cupboard where you keep all the vases...and stuff the stuff from they yard in.

go get out a table cloth and a few place mats and arrange them and the fish-rocks candles and the yard clippings and  your table is decorated!

fire up the crock pot

Sprinkle in some friends

And have yourself a merry little Mothers Day!

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