Sunday, May 15, 2011

For my brother on his birthday.

Who is that masked man in the ghost costume? That would be my brother ,an ever changing answer to that question.

He was your typical brother, infuriating one minute, my champion the next. I am 18 months older than him...I do not remember a time without him.

He is a loyal friend and someone who's bad side you do not want to be on.
He is funny, a great story teller. If you see his left eye brow start to raise and a smile spread across his face, you have just said something he can zing you with. 

He is an excellent Dad. He left a career that had him flying the world over and meeting the President of the United States, because he took the words to Harry Chapin's song "Cat's in the Cradle," to heart. He told me, sister, they are growing, up and I am missing it.

Happy Birthday brother. I love you !

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  1. Happy Birthday Craig! I always felt that was my dad's song. I am glad you changed the words to your version. Lucky Kids!

    Nice story Jenean!