Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Old Fashion flowers in my yard and why I LOVE them

I love them for the obvious reasons, they are beautiful and I like flowers. Over the years I have found new reasons to love them. When I was in the Mommy trenches, you know, being in charge of activities, driving the kids to activities, going to meetings because I was in charge of activities, being in charge of activities because no one else would be, anyhow that didn't leave much time for working in the yard, so these two flowers became my true loves....

Nasturtiums, and

 Love in the Mist

I love these two because they will grow almost anywhere, even around the pool equipment on the worst soil in the yard. And the BIG plus, they reseed themselves!!!!!

my next three favorites are...


Carmelia, in the fore ground , and Chinese wisteria, in the back ground.

They just grow and bloom and grow and bloom, look pretty and grow and bloom.. are you sensing a pattern yet? Beautiful flowers that don't need me to fuss over them.

 Now that I am out of the Mommy trenches, well pretty much out of them, I guess I am teetering on the edge...I have time to look at these flowers and think about them and photograph them. In years past, I missed the camellias blooming complete.

Those of you that know me well, know I usually have a double thought process going on...and I do, beautiful non fussy flowers and my daughters..independent and self assured...missing the camellia completely...feeling like the girls grew up so fast...resenting the Mommy trenches, feeling I was too busy, rushing here and there . But...I don't know if the girls would have been non fussy flowers if I had not been in the trenches, driving to activities and chairing activities and going to meetings for activities...the endless loop. ...I think it was worth it.



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  1. They are always, always worth it! No one can replace a mommy in their trenches!!!