Monday, May 16, 2011

Lycra Man has a close shave!

No, It's not what you are thinking, wasn't a close encounter of the automotive kind on the bike...while men from around the world were gathering in Norway for the World Beard Championships on Sunday, Lycra Man was shaving his beard off.

His children have never seen his naked chin...the last time he shaved he was just out of grad school when he was looking for a job. He came home and scared me to death ...I didn't recognize him. His chin hasn't seen the light of day for about 28 years....

He says now he will go faster on the bike! Hope it isn't like Samson and the hair cut.....

The following are Lycra Man before and after photos.

Before not so good lighting....being tolerant...trying to read his newspaper in the morning...

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  1. Well, if he really wanted to go faster on his bike he would've shaved the moustache too!