Wednesday, May 11, 2011

It's Coming!!!!!!

The Amgen Tour of California (Lycra Man rode stage 7 with the MAMIL pack) Starts this Sunday At lake Tahoe. This is a BIG DEAL in our house hold...not just for Lycra Man...I like cycling . Here is proof....Last year we had a stage start here in our town, I went down to the start. All the teams have Huge buses they ride to the start on...

This is the Garmin teams bus...they are an American team. Anyway, back to the story, I saw a huge crowd around the Radio Shack bus.

I hustled right over there because may Lance Armstrong was in there ..for sure Levi Leipheimer was..and I saw him!!! I noticed this very quaffed dude, about 50 feet to my left, leaving the bus, everyone taking his picture and he had body guards and shades on...I was thinking hummm that is someone...heard people saying it was Patrick Dempsey, thought to my self, I will have to google him when I get home...yep didn't have a clue who he was ( I had to Google him again just now to make sure..) but I knew who the guys in Lycra were!

See that's the thing about cycling....the guys have no body guards... they ride right through the crowd...

The American Champion George Hincapie

Their bikes sit right outside the team buses...Lances bike was stolen up in Sacramento last year.

just maneuvering around the folks after signing with the race officials before the start,  signing autographs along the way.

the team car with spare bikes for team Garmin, follow the riders after the start.

This year we are the finish of the whole race....I will be watching!

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  1. It looks like a lot of good riders will be at this year's ATOC. The list is at: