Thursday, May 19, 2011

I'm in a recycle state fo mind.

I found this about a week ago at Salvation Army. Been thinking I could bring it home and fix it up..put it behind the sofa in the living room, store the martini glasses and such in it. I told my self if I go back and it's still there, I am getting it. Yesterday I went back and it was there , the best part, they had dropped the price! It is sitting in my garage...think I will paint it red...

this is a 50 lbs bag of rabbit food...

which became a sort of over sized tote bag. As with everything , I learned a few things making the first one. I think it turned out ok for just wining it.

Well that's about it, got to go start dinner for Lycra Man , who is, you guessed it, on a ride...and Kathy who is, you guessed it , at the horse barn...


  1. I can picture the cabinet in red! Your 'rabbit chow' tote bag is clever. We buy 40 lbs of sunflower seeds in very colorful bags. Thanks for the great idea, Jenean!

  2. What do you mean--"just a mom"? Moms are the most special people in the world!

    How many rabbits do you have? And are they pets or do you raise them for food. I remember during the depression my brothers raised rabbits and we ate them. They are better than chicken. Now I hope I didn't offend you by suggesting that you eat a pet. That's different. My son had a pet rabbit whom he named Lucy Carmichael when he was in pre-school.

    Come visit me again.