Saturday, May 7, 2011

Lycra Man

So Lycra man is on a Long ride today...I didn't think too much about it...just puttering around here at home dong the laundry watching the Derby. I kept thinking he seemed a little nervous about this ride, so I decided to go on line and look it up,L'Etape du California, CRIKEY 10,000 feet of climbing.....100 miles total ....Is he NUTS, well, yes. I know he can do the miles no problem its the 10,000 of climbing and a bunch of descending I am worried about...I think he was too. ...this is a stage the professional rides will be riding during the tour of California later this month.....I hope Lycra man knows what he is doing...he has been having trouble with his derailleur lately ( the shifty thing, ya know)...I should have just stuck to the Derby.

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