Saturday, May 21, 2011

Ali's Story.

I met Ali and her owner, Leanne, at the park where I take my morning walks. Ali always says good morning to me by just pushing her nose against my leg ever so slightly , no big theatrics, just nice and easy. She makes me, a non dog person, think about getting a dog!

Leanne works for a non profit that provides tutoring, computer classes, and job search skills for teens. It is open to all teens , but most of Leanne's clients are form the at risk group here in our town. Ali is a therapy dog I guess would be the best way to explain her, she goes to work with Leanne, the kids just love her.

Ali passed away unexpectedly, about 3 weeks ago. This morning was one of the few times I have seen Leanne at the park since Alie's death, she told me this story. About 10 of the kids she tutors, ages ranging from 14-16, came to the office Friday, they had made a card for Leanne, each person had written something on a small  piece of paper, then they glued the smaller pieces of paper on to printer paper. One girl has holding an envelope in her hand, she stepped forward and said, "We have collected $21.00, we would like you to give this to the rescue agency Ali came from.

Leanne said she had a hard time keeping it together. She knows that money was hard to come by for those kids. She told me she thought a few of them may have missed lunches to be able to contribute.

I think that says a lot about Leanne, the kids and Ali.

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