Friday, April 29, 2011

The Coffee Ladies, Royally T'd.

Today the coffee Ladies are holding a tea in honor of the royal couple, William and Kate. I have my hat all ready to go!

If you recall, yesterday i was trying to decide which of these two hats I would wear. I tried and I tried but I could not get the cowboy hat to look good. I mean I wanted to make a statement as in " I am a d_ _m Yank from the west, but I didn't want  to look like a ridiculous d - -m Yank. If it could have been classy I would have been there! So the hat on the right won. Despite Hank, the Millinery Kitties help...

I had to retrieve the blue flowers and the rose twice. 

I think it came out alright.

As is our usual practice, when the coffee ladies meet at a home, we all bring a dish to share. Recipe time! You can click on the picture and it will enlarge.

The spread!!!

Our Hostess, she made her hat from a paper plate and a candy cup...

You know how your friend assures you you can wear it my friend Gail's case, yes...25 some years later!

The coffee Ladies!!!! ( T. V. Cometary for my outfit would go something like this.. looking decidedly suburban she is wearing a hat by Hank's Haberdashery, "You won't look the same if we get our paws on you," shirt by Khol's, Jeans by JCPenney sandals by Land's End...)

a toast to the Newlyweds...May they be happy together!


  1. Hey, is that British Tea? I think not!

    Is your friend a quilter? Is the rainbow part of the wedding theme? <3 the hats!

  2. Your hat turned out great, Jenean...looks like a fun time was had!