Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Smart Momma ducks and spring blossoms

Remember Mom and dad mallard with the 10 little ones? I haven't seen them on the pond for about a week and a half. I was a little concerned as the crows, ravens and seagulls have been decimating the baby ducks this spring.

She was back today, with 6 of her remaining babies.( I can tell it is her, she has a scar just above her bill on her left side) I think she took the little ones down the hill to the creek, and then brought them back up when they were bigger.

I decided to go down to the creek and see if there were more smart mom's down there.

I found another family, they wouldn't let me get anywhere close. she took those babies in the opposite direction, silently, not a peep out of anyone.

Look close, see momma ducks feet on the left and the babies following. I took these pictures from the bridge that crosses the creek. When the ducks were gone I turned around and , wow! Look at this tree!( if had been a snake it would have bitten least I was looking out for poison oak when I was down at the creek!)


  1. Pretty blooms. How nice of the ducks to lead you there.

  2. I could watch ducks all day. So simple & serene. Love your photos/blog. Very nice. I'm having a giveaway if you would like to put your name in. Thanks for having me. Tammy... who adores bunnies.