Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mr. Tanzellie's lessons of life .

When we were at Oregon State University, my brother and I took a golf class from Mr. Tanzellie. We took the class a few years part. Craig took it about two years before me.  Mr. Tanzellie advises all his students in all his classes to enjoy this time in their lives. When you get out of school   it is like this...go to work , go home, go to work , go home. He said this while walking back and fourth in front of the class room like a duck in a shooting gallery. To this day, when I e mail my brother and ask what he is up to, he may reply , well you know , doing that Tanzellie thing.

I remember a phrase Mr. Tanzellie used to get the idea of back swing and follow through when we were out in the driving cages. He walked back and fourth behind us saying over and over, back to the target, knees to the target.

I've been thinking how life is like the game of golf. You have a target you are working toward. Some times you get off track, hook or slice, sometimes you land in the rough, just keep swinging, keep moving forward to the target.

Get these two raised...back too the target.

Knees to the Target.

Get these two through High School... Back to the target

well, one knee to the target.

I am having trouble with the follow through on this one.
It isn't Kathy , she is doing great! It's me, knees to the target on this means , new target...and I don't know what the heck it is yet. 

So when I feel the panic growing, I think, calm down.
Play it where it lies.
Back to the target, knees to the target.

Thanks Mr. Tanzellie.

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  1. The staying to the target is sometimes the challenge, especially when it keeps changing, isn't it?!