Monday, April 4, 2011

My Morning Walk and Random Thoughts...Really Random .

I take my morning walks in a community park. I love it there. It has huge old oak trees, a creek, lots of critters. Like this little guy...

 This rabbit sat still for me to click about 4 photos, we could both hear another couple of walkers coming, I could tell the rabbit really wanted to go. I took one more picture, lowered the camera and said ok, thank you, go...and it went.

On Sunday, the part was host to Sizdah Berda, the 13 day of the Persian New Year.  This is a day that must be spent out side.

Who was she? Dark wavy hair, deep Jeweled toned clothing, gold bracelets jingle as she takes the cigarette from her lips, large dark eyes look at me through a veil of smoke....

I told you, random thoughts. I am a visual person.

this lady bug must think she is on the moon. I was wondering why she was walking, not flying. 

I love Mother Nature.

She wears what ever color combination she wants to.

and doesn't wonder how it makes her look. I am thinking the lady of the stained cigarette butt is the same way.

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  1. Love your wondering walks in Mother Nature and random thoughts(lady bug on the moon)!