Friday, April 22, 2011

Coffee Ladies at home.

some of you may know I have a group of friends that get together for coffee pretty much every Friday morning. 

 Oops, wrong picture!

Here are some of us.

Most of these ladies have been together since a mommy and me class , I am a newcomer. We usually meet at coffee shops or  restaurants around town. Occasionally some one will host at their home, and then it is a potluck kind of affair.

I usually bring a sensible dish to the at home coffees. The ladies like to bring fruit , that's sensible, and..sweet stuff... Last time I decided I don't like being stodgy and always bringing sensible stuff ( sensible stuff has helped me drop 30 pounds however) so  I brought a surgery thing. The ladies were dismayed. "I  always count on you bringing a protein!!!" (distressed tone)

So in the oven right now is this Ham and Cheese is yummy! I got to thinking some of you may be making ham for Easter. So just in case you have left overs, here is the recipe.

I have to go find my sensible shoes and get ready to go as the strata finishes baking.

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