Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Intermittent Gardener.

Do you all remember our sorry little garden spot first pictured 14 days ago?
 Today Mike added irrigation.

He is determined to save last years peppers...

We are trying to conserve water, even thought the drought has officially ended. In the past we have watered with a sprinklers. Water goes everywhere ...the weeds love it...( keep in mind I am not a constant gardener, I mentioned last year to a friend we have a weed patch with some vegetables in it)

Our garden spot is on a  hill. The plan is to use gravity to water the rows. My neighbor, who is the best gardener I have seen since my Grandfather, does this technique but with a hose and a diffuser thing on the end. He moves the hose around his garden...gravity takes the water down the furrows her has made. I tried that last year, and failed.

I think this idea will work for things that need LOTS of water like zucchini. 

 Mike surveying his work, looking for leaks.

Look, my onions I planted Tuesday are up already!!!!!!

I plan to write a note on a post it and put it over the coffee will say


My neighbor gave me a great hint. He said leave a hoe up by the garden so when I come up to turn on the water I can just get the weeds....I can do that!

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