Monday, April 11, 2011

Adventures in Launderland.

Cue Sunrise music, you know, looney tunes uses it all the time.

Narrator, as the sun rises in suburbia, a lady packs her bags,

Her washer is out of commisin so off she goes to,


Lucky for me  is this shop is right down the way from Launderland.

after I got my clothes washing, I walked down and got a cup of coffee, I did not get  a donut....will power! I took my coffee back to launderland with a book I had brought along intending to read while the clothes spun and tumbled.

I ended up watching they ladies that use laundry mats all the time do a kind of dryer ballet.

They reach in and feel the clothes, remove any that are dry, reposition loads by taking clothes from another dryer and add them to the dryer that had clothes removed, thus getting the most out of their quarters. I ambled over and reached into one of my dryers, low and behold, some clothes were dry, some not, with 10 minuets left on the clock. I removed the dry clothes and let the others continue to tumble, just a simple two step, nothing like the Tango these ladies were doing, it was something to behold.

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