Sunday, April 3, 2011

Not Mister Green Jeans ( a day in the life photo)

I decided if I am going to do this day in the life of photo, you are going to really see the laundry on the floor dishes on the counter and....

the weeds and left over tomatoes and peppers from last years garden. Mike wants you all to notice we still have peppers on the plant, see in his hand?

Anyway, it isn't Better Homes and Gardens or Sunset magazine up there in ye old garden spot. Today we are taking out the weeds and old tomatoes vines, spreading the compost  pile and tilling it under. It is a perfect day for it, cloudy, ground is still a bit moist from the rains. We wait any longer it will be as hard as cement. This is the kind of dirt adobe comes from after all...

After we get done with that it is clean the rabbit hutch time...but I only get one picture so...
Maybe tomorrows picture will be a pretty one.

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  1. Is it the process or the product? Is that the question?