Monday, April 25, 2011

That Winning isn't everything... thing.

I think we forget the full quote, "Winning isn't everything; it's the only thing." Coaches and teaches have left the last part off . I think we all understand what they are trying to teach with the first half of the phrase.

Yesterday I saw  the full phrase, like a diagrammed sentence, in living color .

My daughter Kathy was riding in a horse show. Her horse is a school horse named Delaney. Delaney is a girl with a reputation.

A reputation of refusing fences, rearing, bucking, getting close to the rail, trying to get that person off her back! The kind of horse that makes my hair grayer, if that is possible, and Kathy LOVES her.

Kathy and her friend Zoe were entered in 2 classes, class 40 and 41. So I was a little surprised when class 39 was called and Kathy and Zoe entered the ring. It seems there were not enough riders in class 39 so Zoe and Kathy had agreed to enter the class to keep it from being canceled.

Class 40 had the same problem, not enough riders. The owner of the riding school asked the girl from class 39 if she would fill out class 40 for Kathy and Zoe, this girl and her father, who just minutes earlier had been demanding the owner fill class 39 so his daughter could ride, this man took his daughter and her trophy and walked away.

He believes in the last half of the phrase...winning is the only thing.

 Another girl agreed to fill out class 40. 

After winning the class, she turned to Kathy and said  I wasn't supposed to be in this class, and handed Kathy the ribbon, certificate and trophy.

This girl believes in the first half of the phrase...winning isn't everything.

Remember bad girl Delaney? Well, in class 41 she refused a fence. 

One of the spectators said, "That is so Delaney!" (told you...reputation!)

Kathy circled Delaney and made her take the fence.
"Good for her", another spectator said.

as the ride continued another spectator said "She looks good on Delaney." her friend answered "She makes Delaney look good."

 When Kathy and Delaney finished their ride, they received a loud round of applause. I heard the trainer at the far end of the arena yell "Kathy I am so proud of you!" other parents were clapping, really clapping not he polite clap folks sometimes do. The owner of the stable was grinning from ear to ear and my daughters face was glowing.

I think all three of these girls, the girl who took her trophy and left, the girl who declined her trophy and the girl who made Delaney look good, illustrate MY new phrase. 

Winning doesn't always mean first place.

The following are pictures of Kathy and Delaney...Looking good!

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