Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rainy morning memory.

I got my walk in between rainstorms this morning. I could see the next one coming over the hill.

Speaking of the hill, take a closer look at it. Yep, I live in an arid area. Unless it is an El Nino year, we don't get much rain.

I remember when the kids were little, the event of rain would cause a dash for the rain coats and  boots, too small now as they are last years boots, but the kids would cram their feet in any way, and rush out the door before the rain could end.

They creaked open their atrophied umbrellas, paraded around the yard stamping in puddles, calling out, "Tut Tut, It looks like rain!"

It reminded me of my reaction to snow when I was a kid.

I know rain is a pain for my friends and family north of me.

Funny how a thing that can be annoying in one place is a gift in another.

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  1. Great photograph. I heard awhile ago that 2012 is supposed to be an El Nino year. With the first snowfall of the year, I feel like your kids in the rain....the feeling goes away long before the snow does however :)